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We Venture is one of the world's largest providers of financial market data and infrastructure. Our journey in technological research and development began in 2020, focusing on advancing the forefront of trading technology and artificial intelligence fields. We Venture is committed to supporting global financial market participants by providing information, insights, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, empowering clients to make confident decisions in critical investments, trades, and risk management.

Customers lie at the core of everything we do. This drives us to deliver outstanding performance, exceptional services, and multi-layered risk management. As an intelligent advisory firm, we believe our ownership structure fosters long-term perspectives that align our views with those of our clients.

We believe in offering a diverse range of innovative, high-performance investment options that enable every investor to realize their full potential. AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology stands as an indispensable trading tool for qualified investors.

Our vision is to enhance the openness, connectivity, and efficiency of global financial markets. With partnership and open access as core principles, we provide clients with more choices, better opportunities, navigate complex scenarios, and achieve effective expansion. We understand that by creating opportunities for our clients, we drive progress across the entire financial landscape.

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